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Watching Women Undress

Welcome to Spying On Girls! You have found the only site on the Internet entirely dedicated to watching women undress. We put cameras in public changing rooms, bathrooms and even the girl's own bedrooms in order to catch them stripping. So, if you like nothing better than spying on a girl taking her clothes off, you have come to the right place!

Sexy Girl Undressing

Wow, check out the body on the girl above! The boys over at Spy Porn were spying on college girls at a location somewhere in the US (they aren't saying exactly where for obvious reasons). They had this camera in a shared bathroom on the campus and this chick is one of the residents. I just love this shot of her pulling down her jeans and revealing her plain white panties. I love girls in white panties - they look so innocent. And if you think this shot is hot, you should see her when the rest of those clothes come off! You can get the full picture set showing her stripping fully naked on this link.

Blonde Babe UndressingHere's another girl undressing from the archives of Spy Porn. This one was taken from across the street with a long range telephoto lens. She was a few floors up and I guess she didn't think anyone could get close enough to see much. But she was wrong! This cheeky spying photographer caught this great shot of her starting to undress and then continued shooting as she stripped down to her sexy white underwear. Once again Spy Porn has shown that they are the best when it comes to spying on girls!

Hot Blonde UndressingHere's another fantastic shot of a very hot girl undressing. This one was taken with a hidden cam in a hotel bedroom and comes to us courtesy of Spy Porn. And guess what? She's blonde (again!). As you can probably tell, I have a thing for spying on blonde girls taking their clothes off. I mean, watching women undress is fucking awesome, but if they happen to be blonde then it just adds that extra something for me. Anyway, you can see the full picture set of this hot chick getting her kit off by clicking here.